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Width: 625mmHeight: 770mm
Drag the red circles to where you'd like to place your artwork and move them approximately one metre apart verticallyResize Artwork
  • Welcome to EzyVu

    The simple and convenient way to visualise paintings from Bryce Gallery on the walls of your home or business.


    EzyVu loads with a generic wall that can be coloured with the WALL COLOUR icon. You also have a choice of 3 default room images by selecting the UPLOAD PHOTO icon. You can also upload your own photos and select from previously uploaded images. When uploading, you will be asked to position two red dots approximately one metre apart vertically in order for us to calculate the scale of the chosen artwork.


    You can choose from a huge selection of current Bryce artwork using the BRYCE ARTWORK icon. All paintings are automatically scaled to match the current wall view and are rescaled if you change the wall imagery.

    Lighting and Perspective:

    The ART LIGHTING and PERSPECTIVE icons allow you to either move the frame shadow to imitate the light source in your photo or to physically tilt the artwork to align with surfaces that are not straight in your photos.

    Learning more:

    Clicking on a wall painting will display an information circle in the lower right corner. Hovering over that circle will display the dimensions for review and selecting the icon itself will take you to the website page to enquire about that artwork.

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